Alternative Title: 파스타 / Pasta
Episodes: 20
Casts: Alex Chu, Byun Jung Soo, Choi Sung Min, Gong Hyo Jin, Jang Yong, Lee Sun Gyun

"Pasta" covers the dreams and success of a young woman who aspires to become an elite chef at Mamma Mia restaurant.

Seo Yoo Kyung started her career as a third ranked chef assistant at Mamma Mia restaurant. She eventually works her way up to become a chef.

Choi Hyun Wook is the top chef at Mamma Mia restaurant. He studied the culinary arts in Italy and started out as a chef assistant at a hotel in Sicily. Hyun Wook eventually worked his way up to become the most widely recognized Italian chef in Korea.

Pasta Episode 18
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Densha Otoko

Aka: Train Man / 電車男
Episodes: 11
Casts: Itoh Atsushi, Itoh Misaki

A true love story turned to bestselling novel, created from the Internet BBS, 2channel to blockbuster hit movie. Ito Misaki plays Aoyama Saori, working as an office lady at a MNC, gets into trouble with a drunkard on a train. She's saved by Yamada Tsuyoshi, played by Ito Atsushi. As a form of appreciation, she sends him Hermes teacups. Having no experience with the opposite sex, Tsuyoshi decides to ask for help on the Aladdin Channel BBS on how to interact with Saori.

Densha Otoko Deluxe Special
Densha Otoko Another Ending

Densha Otoko Episode 11
Densha Otoko Episode 10

Densha Otoko Episode 9
Densha Otoko Episode 8

Densha Otoko Episode 7
Densha Otoko Episode 6

Densha Otoko Episode 5
Densha Otoko Episode 4
Densha Otoko Episode 3

Densha Otoko Episode 2
Densha Otoko Episode 1
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